Herne Hill Hogwash

Herne Hill

Heard the one about the Herne Hill junction that is almost nearing completion? Following a blink and you’ll miss it consultation period, our friends @lambeth_council rail-roaded (quite literally) plans to concrete over a corner of the beautiful Brockwell Park, all in the name of extra car provision.

The issue divided the local SE21 community. The argument wasn’t as simple as Petrol Heads Vs Tree Huggers. Many worthy local businesses appreciate the beauty of the park, but they were in favour of the project, recognising that a better transport flow around the junction would lead to extra business.

Even the Herne Hill Society, a group that holds Brockwell Park dearly, supported the move. You can watch a video I shot with John Brunton, Chair of the Society, explaining the reasoning below.

I cycled past the Brockwell Park Junction this morning, to find the boarding that has hidden away the project over the past six months has now been removed.

Here Be (once) Green and Pleasant Land, reluctantly and rationally given way to a more sustainable local environment that will enable the smooth passage of the traffic?


Here Be a Pedestrian Footpath, with a historic corner of Brockwell Park now lost forever, all for a more sturdy walking surface.

Where’s the road?

Um, am I missing something rather major here?

2 thoughts on “Herne Hill Hogwash

  1. To be fair, it never was a simple “road widening” scheme to allow more traffic. The more obvious (from a plan/satellite photo) widening is further south on Norwood Road, where there used to be only one lane of traffic northbound approaching the lights, which caused major delays to several bus routes as well as making it a “take your life in your hands” option for cyclists.

    The new alignment of the park railings at Herne Hill junction follows the curve of the new left-hand-turn-only bus lane from Norwood Road into Dulwich Road. I never received a satisfactory answer on whether the “geometry” of the bus lane was laid out was to be capable of handling full length bendy-buses – which AFAIK were never scheduled to pass regularly through Herne Hill, even at the height of Ken’s advocacy for them.

  2. I keep thinking exactly the same thing – unless I’m missing something, there’s a tiny little slip road (certainly no bigger than the one before) and lots and lots of concrete… what was the point in that?

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