Police and Thieves

And so here are the headlines points from the Lambeth Police Northern Wards’ Safer Neighbourhoods Report November 09.

Larkhall ward

Three ASBO’s issued, twenty-three more (!) being considered, all on the Stockwell Gardens Estate.

A Police Dispersal Zone [PDZ] is also planned for the estate. The reason stated is:

“This is because it has been noticed that there has been an influx of new faces on the estate who are on the periphery of the ASB.”

The ‘periphery’ of the ASB? Nothing to do with the neighbouring Oval ward and the PDZ already in operation? Not in my back yard, etc. Although I support the PDZ in my micro local patch of South London, I can’t but help think that the ‘problem’ is just being pushed further down the road.

Ah, and what exactly is the ‘problem?’ Mainly drug dealing and street drinking. Kicking the culprits out of your community isn’t helping to solve the base of the problem, as the residents of the Stockwell Gardens Estate are starting to find out.

Speaking of the Oval ward

“A 25 year old male was arrested in Claylands Road, SW8, for going equipped to commit theft. Residents and business owners had been complaining that this male had been returning on an almost daily basis. Oval officers conducted patrols in the area in plain clothes, which resulted in the arrest of the male in question. “

Good work. It is incidents like this that make the libertarian within come over all right wing, wishing for a suitable punishment to fit the crime. Public stocks returning to Kennington Cross would be a start.


Elsewhere around The Oval, and:

“The first review of the PDZ in Dorset Road and surrounding areas took place in October, and was deemed to be a success with evidence to support this from local businesses and residents. As a result of the review, environmental reforms will take place within the next six months to compliment the dispersal zone. The second review will take place during December.”

What exactly are the environmental reforms? I don’t think we’re talking about a public tree-planting scheme on the mean street of Dorset Road. But seriously, the environment of the immediate area is a bloody mess right now.

Less than six months since the road was dug up to replace the Victorian sewage water system, the diggers were back in action on Monday morning. The upside is that the private contractor gets to carry out the dirty work for @lambeth_council – work couldn’t commence until the drains of Lake Lambeth had been unblocked.

Clap’ham Town

“There has been a recent rise in burglaries north of the High Street which have been the focus of some attention. There are limited funds available from the Safe and Secure budget which targets privately owned communal flats providing funding for upgrades in security.”

Blimey – so council owned property has a budget, but only a limited budget is available for private property? Inverse postcode property snobbery, alive and well on the streets of Lambeth.

Stockwell ward

“There has been a slight increase in street robbery with eleven being reported. Highest occurrences (not exclusively) are in areas of high footfall and the main thoroughfares of Stockwell ward.”

The simple solution of course is for more Bobbies on the beat. Like I said, the egalitarian within is becoming more right wing by the week. That’s what living in Lambeth does to your principled ideals.

“The team has been focused on preventing street bonfires and inappropriate sale and use of Fireworks. After discussions with the management at Jacks Newsagent (Binfield Road) they agreed not to sell fireworks this year and the team received feedback that there were fewer firework related problems.”

A genuine success story. Good work, Jacks.

I have blogged before about the benefits of the Safer Neighbourhood Panels. These quarterly meetings are open to all living in each ward, and are your chance to directly address, and influence, the policing priorities. Take up levels are incredibly low. You can’t have a say unless you turn up.

It is also worth noting that the crime figures in the document only relate to reported crimes. The police have a duty to investigate any crime committed within the wards. They can’t carry this out unless all incidents, no matter how minor, are reported.

Stay safe.

The full Lambeth Police Northern Wards’ Safer Neighbourhoods Report, November 09, is available to download over here [.doc]

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