Not So Super Sunday

Six pounds a month for all Sky Sports channels, streamed via WIFI to your iPhone? Blimey. Where do I sign up? Even better when you grab the O2 three months for free promotion code. I never really did want to hand over any cash to the Dirty Digger anyway. And so now I can be lying in bed, catching up on some NHL action, for about half the price of buying a daily newspaper.

The Sky Sport app really is something of an iPhone game changer. It’s Murdoch’s realisation that old style TV isn’t the only platform that users want to view content. The picture quality is superb, and I’ve yet to drop a signal over my home WIFI network.

And here’s where I started to get slightly greedy. Six of your English pounds a month, you say, to stream all channels across the Sky Sports network? Ah, but stream them to where exactly?

A quick trip to the Apple Store on Regent’s Street, and I returned with an AV connector cable, all set to watch some twenty20 action via the iPhone, plugged into the back of my TV. Yeah, I’m contradicting myself by saying TV isn’t the only platform, but it’s the one that we all feel the most comfortable in watching.

Thirty-five grubby pounds handed over this time, and I was starting to think if this was something of a false economy. The plug ‘n play plugged, but didn’t play. All I could pick up was the Sky Sports audio of David Gower waffling on about some nonsense or other.

A bit of digging around later, and it proves that Murdoch is a rather clever chap. The Sky Sports app currently has a block in place to prevent penny pinchers like me connecting the iPhone to a plasma TV. The iPlayer app works fine, but not for anything coming out of the Isleworth area.

The availability of sport for free is an interesting and timely debate. Do sports fans have a right to access free content? Probably not. Therefore what measures are in place to make sure that the correct market value is being charged for content? Absolutely none.

Still, at £6 a month, the app is already proving its worth. I’m sure a hack will come along sooner or later, and so I might as well hang on to the lead. The cricket looked crap anyway…


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