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An afternoon of tweets from @lambeth_council leader @cllrstevereed, whilst out on a whistle stop tour of the Rotten Borough. Bashing LibDems seems to be a priority, rather than reporting on positive news.

Of course there’s nothing wrong in bashing LibDems, but it’s not the best use of social media from the elected leader of a local council. I’m more interested in hearing about council policy, and looking ahead to the future.

@Jason_Cobb it’s only the truth, people need to know! Libs oppose everything for the sake of it. It’s not principled or intelligent.

Oh the irony of picking up this tweet whilst tucking into a delicious French stick from Di Lietos of South Island Place, a bakery that was opposed by Lambeth Labour because the smell of bread would:

…cause fumes and smells.”

So yeah, I thought I’d bash @cllrstevereed online with a Wordle. All this negative campaigning – sadly it’s contagious.

2 thoughts on “2.0 Tour

  1. Hi Jason. The vast majority of my tweets on the community safety tour today were completely positive – things the council’s doing to cut crime, promote community payback, stop kerb crawling. If I point out the odd area where the LDs opposed what we did, well that’s because the public need to see where the dividing lines are otherwise they won’t think it’s worth voting! And as for Di Lieto’s – it’s a great bakery. It was council officers who made those daft comments, and we over-ruled them. Not every council officer is a paid-up member of the Labour Party you know… But thanks for reading my tweets, I was experimenting to see if anyone took any notice if I commented during my tour today.

  2. Fair point on Di Lietos, although it took a LibDem based campaign to overturn the decision.

    As for the Tweets – yes, they’re informative. But Wordle doesn’t lie! Lib+Dem+Oppose came out as top words.

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