#pqt – LIVE!


Off to Brixton to see Boris. Hasthtag? #borisbrixton? #


Gospel choir ahead of Boris. Been handed weird voting device. Mad scramble for seats. Academy stinks of booze. No sign of Boris yet #

Strange rock ‘n roll atmosphere ahead of arrival of Boris. Not gonna throw my Y-fronts at the Mayor #

Pressed voting device by mistake. Burning effigy of Ken appeared on the Academy wall #

Panel taking to Brixton stage. @valshawcross is chairing. Agenda is safety, transport, environment, 2012 and AOB #

And here’s Boris. Gosh, he’s rather petite #


Blimey. Brixton is giving Boris a rough ride. Boos as the Mayor gave open address. Chair had to intervene. London mob in full flow #

Managed to video Boris’ opening before boot boy waded in. Will post to blog later. Boris is bonkers. Mad story about exporting cake #

Green Darren Johnson taking pride in holding Boris to account. Goes down well with crowd. About to kick off with Q’s #

First Q: We’re in Little Porto territory and call for Portuguese to be recognised as ethnic minority #

We’re taking Q’s in batches of 3. Others Q’s on safety of women, and moving Q from from victim of gun crime. Upset that letter ignored #

Hardest job is @valshawcross. Tough crowd to control #

Boris: no gain from giving ethnic status to Porto community #

Boris on female travel: London is safer than Paris #

Boris on rather rambling gun crime Q: real issue. Driving knife crown down. Need to work with Trident #


Pathetic use of voting device: Should the Met stamp down on drug dealing? Um… Let me think about that one, Mr Mayor #

Now onto transport. Boris justifying gas guzzlers. Knock at Ken and fare freezing. Paying for it now #

This is all rather bonkers. Boris doesn’t understand concept of #pqt. Keeps on interrupting other panelists. On transport now #

Tried to get cycling Q in. Wanted to ask why Lorry Testing Unit has been axed. 8 out of 10 deaths in past year at hands of HGV’s #

Mayor now admitted that transport policy is based on old school Chicago free market economics #

Good old Jenny Jones. She’s got my lorry testing unit Q in. Out of time and so Boris hasn’t got to answer #

Next up is environment #


Very small minority letting Brixton down. Mayor booed, causing Chair to ask hecklers to be removed #

First grrrbrrreeoo hair ruffling cripes moment from Boris. The issue? Elephant & Castle #

Boris admits that delay of Elephant scheme is not good #

We’re back to cycling. Boris cycled to Brixton tonight. Tells story of giving advice to female cyclist. Bit of a fnar fnar moment #

Brixton crowd back to behaving. @valshawcross plays party political game by blaming Southwark Council for Elephant delay #


Rather nasty moment as woman asks why she has been on housing list for 15 years whilst “foreigners get free houses.” Whoops #

Boris outs housing Q as “possible BNP candidate#

You can see why Boris got elected. I’d like to have pint with him. His bonkers take on reality of London living should see us through #

We’re whizzing through agenda for evening. Boris trying to paint himself as Green saviour. Bet he keeps that quiet in Richmond #

2012 coming up next. Should be interesting to see what’s in it for South London #

Dig @lambeth_council by LibDem leader for putting housing rent up. Applause from Brixton floor #

Another weird Q set by @valshawcross for floor to vote on. Too long to blog, let alone tweet #


Jenny Jones holds Boris to account on poor record towards protecting women. Concern over increase in sex trade #

Boris: London is economic power house of UK. 2012 will benefit Croydon. Blimey. Can it be benefitted any further? #

Boris on discounts for children and elderly for 2012 tickets: hot potato. Can’t guarantee discounts #

Brixton crowd respectful now. Still got AOB ending. Potential for nutters to take hold again #


Biggest cheer from the evening comes after Q asking how Boris can help Brixton Splash #

Image of Brixton becoming increasing positive says Boris. Praises @lambeth_council. Well, all Tories, aren’t they? #



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