Ah, and so I make it to the lovely #tuttle for the first time since the summer months, and whaddya know – coffee and social media just off The Mall is no more. Sort of…

Friday was the final Tuttle Club at The ICA. As all round Tuttle-r, and rather nice fella @LloydDavis explained: there has been a “monumental admin cock up,” with the bookings for The ICA cafe.

And so Tuttle is temporarily homeless. I think this suits the rather loose structure of the social gathering perfectly. I’ve found Tuttle a space where I can go as and when, speak to whom I want, and with no rigid structure that is often imposed on similar online / offline events. Plus it’s not very often that you get to drink coffee in the same room as @bobbyllew, a recent Tuttle convert.


I spent most of Friday morning having a fascinating chat with @solobasssteve. Steve is a musician who understands that his art is worth far more the sum of simply making music.

He has an intriguing (and possibly plausible) theory that the music industry is just a blip within the epoch of making music. Music has always existed; it’s just been that within the past one hundred years or so that an industry has been created to market this music.

The digital revolution (and make no mistake, it is a revolution) is simply the next phase for musicians to create, collaborate and share their work. The King is Dead, long live the Digital King (although I did take some issue with Steve’s assertion that Rod Stewart was a God for a short period in the ’70s.)

It’s these kind of random chats that Tuttle facilitates. The other option for my half term Friday morning was to get to hack my way around some php code alone at home. After a late night of launching profanities at my Mac, I think man and machine were both in need of a break.

Back to the day job(s) next week. I know precisely where I’ll be at 10:30 on Friday morning – podcasting a school assembly.

As for Tuttle? The collective creative minds within the group will come up with a solution. See you wherever, hopefully during the Christmas holidays.

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