Three’s a Crowd

Time to open up the obb mailbox once again…

Hi obb

My name’s [PR whore], I’ve recently started working at 3mobilebuzz.

3 is beginning improvement works on it’s London network infrastructure as part of a wider program of network improvements nationwide. This is very big news for 3, and we’re extremely excited about the implications for the future of the network.

Not ‘arf as big news as I bet it is for 3 customers, tied down to long term contracts, with their dodgy dongles delivering network speeds that a 27k modem would p*** all over,

As someone who’s working closely with us, and with 3, we really need your help talking about this with your contacts and communities.

Hey guys and gals – I think [PR whore] is talking about you! So yep, here I am, talking with my contacts and community about how utterly crap 3 is as mobile broadband network.

Why? Because we’re at the start of a process that will improve 3’s network; we’re talking significantly bigger, better and faster Mobile Internet by the end of 2010 – and that’s a great story to tell. But more importantly, because 3 realises how important you are in telling that story.

I certainly hope it is a great story to tell. It can’t get any worse than the story I’ve been telling about the 3 network for the past eighteen months. I wouldn’t say I’m important at telling that story, but my 3 is the Tragic Number post consistently comes up high in my monthly archive stats.

We hope that you’ll agree that it’s a very positive move for 3 to be making.

Yes, in the same way that giving up smoking is a positive move to make. If you start from a poor position, the only way is up.

Obviously engineering works bring some disruption along with them. Together with 3 we’re looking to provide as much information on this as possible so that customers don’t get taken by surprise.

Hang on – so it’s one step up and two steps back? Won’t that leave users with the online version of negative equity? I’m currently clocking up a whopping 40kbps on my 3 mobile ‘broadband’ dongle in central London. Is a minus kbps speed possible? You’re taking away my modern interweb!

We’ll be compiling questions for the 3 team, so let us know if there’s any further info you’d like to know.

* Please outline what plans you have to ensure that your network demand can be matched by the supply.

* Why do you market your product as ‘broadband,’ when your network can’t support the recognised industry definition of 500kbps?

* Will any compensation be in place if users still can’t get a decent connection after the engineering disruption?

I’ve experienced nothing but misery with my mobile broadband dodgy dongle. Thankfully I only took out the contract as an on the road back up option. Only a fool would rely on such a poor service as their primary source of connectivity. I gave up on the 3 network as soon as I got my iPhone.

But wait – there was one final kick in the face from our friends at 3. With my contract due to expire at the end of November, I recently had cause to contact the abysmal 3 customer support line, to clarify that no more cash would be fleeced out of my account.

Wise move – my contract would have rolled over, month by month, had I not requested a cancellation. It wasn’t a simple case of thanks, but no thanks, either; I was subjected to a lengthy sales pitch before I was given a guarantee that the contract would expire.

So, Mr PR Whore – I’ve told your great story to my contacts and community, and can only conclude that I’d be better off with two bean tins and a piece of string to communicate, rather than rely upon the crappy 3 network.

2 thoughts on “Three’s a Crowd

  1. Just to alert everyone to fab happening in and around Herne Hill tomorrow, Sat 31st. Called Herne Hill Expo 2009; discover things you never knew about Herne Hill with aid of fab, arty map specially produced by two super-raving artists (who have also transformed grotty Herne Hill station tunnel into a thing of beauty, as seen on BBC London news).

    Win a Prize and take your suggestion to local Lambeth officers and service providers who will be on hand to answer all your questions. Refreshments at end of the day, after sunset.

    More details from Herne Hill Forum website.

    Taa and thanks.

  2. Thanks Carole. Slightly off-topic (!) but certainly worth a mention. The Herne Hill Halloween Experience (um, copyright me) is shaping up to be quite a day. As well as the wonderful Expo, there’s also a cycle-cross event at le velo in the evening.

    SE24, here we come.

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