Bin it

And so for this week’s Palfrey Palfrey video picture, I’m pleased to announce that we have a slightly suburban take on dumping your rubbish in a public place.

Long gone are the days of random fly tipping around my little patch of South London. As a replacement, we now have neatly arranged bin bags, dumped in a public place to cause an environmental nuisance. Still, at least they appear rather uniform, even if they smell somewhat repugnant.

Bin bag alignment aside, the issue here is still one of dumping your rubbish in a non-designated refuse point. Wheelie bins are provided by @lambeth_council to all residents. A quick glance around the local properties confirmed that each house has a wheelie bin outside.

So why the need to dump your weekly waste in such an open, public environment? It’s either an outside job, or simply that I’m living in the vicinity of some incredibly selfish people.

Apologies for only providing photographic evidence this week. The plan was for some video action, but as soon as I fired the flip up, some foul, ill-mannered local type decided to urinate all over the bin bags, right in full shot of camera.

That’s what happens when your local environment is left to look like a s***hole – people will treat it like one.

Dirty dogs.

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