Build ‘Em Up, Knock ‘Em Down


And so it looks like the laissez faire landlord of Sunny Stockwell has finally accepted that he must operate within the law of the land. Either that or spend his time banged up in a compartment with probably only slightly less living space than the pokey flats he rents out.

You may remember how Mr Mukesh Andani flouted planning permission laws, in the same way I flout the four can per person ground regulations at The Oval – frequently, and all in the name of penny pinching.

Both acts can lead to unpleasant consequences, and in the case of the Mr Andani, a rather expensive reverse ferret, as he takes down the extra floor he erected on his Clap’ham Road property, having forgotten to apply for planning permission.

I hope that the scaffolding that has appeared around these parts this week is not another King Canute attempt by Mr Andani to construct a fifth floor, as he sticks he fingers in ears and sings La! La! La! to the Lambeth planning officers.

Unlikely, but given his track record of ignoring the laws of the land, then who knows. It is with some genuine excitement that I wait to see if the army of labourers that knocked up the illegal fourth floor can operate with the same haste to dismantle the local eyesore.

And what of the tenants, presumably kicked out on a slight legality of living somewhere that shouldn’t really exist? It’s a moral victory for the neighbours, @lambeth_council and the area in general.

Now then – about those satellite dishes appearing all over the leafy enclaves of the Stockwell Conservation area. You can pick up BBC4 via Freeview, doncta know?

An Eyesore, yesterday

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