Vauxhall Vra Vra Vroom

Vauxhall plaque

It didn’t long for the Stockwell Oral History project to educate me on a local historical artefact that has so far passed me by. My conversation with Bill looked at the local industry of the area, and in particular, industrial manufacturers that once operated out of Stockwell.

Not quite within the realms of our parish, but the nearby Sainsbury’s at Nine Elms is actually the site of the first car to be be built by Vauxhall Motors. It’s all about the bike um, car, and so I set off across SW8 to capture the commemorative plaque.

A slight fumble of the compact, and a clumsy attempt to avoid the CTV on the Sainsbury’s forecourt, and there it was – over one hundred years of automobile manufacturing history, right on my doorstep.

The first Vauxhall car was built on this site in 1903. This plaque celebrates 100 years of production.

And so just as we make plans to leave my little patch of South London for pastures new, the SW8 Vauxhall plaque has inspired me to… organise my first ever driving lesson.


That’s *some* historical legacy.

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