Dorset Road Dumping

And so as predicted, just over a month has passed since the Palfrey Place fly tipping saga of SW8, and yep, the problem has been shifted along a couple of hundred yards down the road. The neighbouring Dorset Road is now the place within my little patch of South London to dump all the crap that you are too lazy to dispose of properly.

Be careful what you wish for, and all that.

The video below was cut short as South London Yoof uttered some unintelligible nonsense as he walked past. I think it included the F word, as well as suggestions as to what he would like to do to me, had he been carrying a sharp implement. Nice.

Oh, and just as I made it safely back to base, (one) of the local female nutters came knocking at my door. Past form has wisely taught me not answer.

Friends have asked why we’re leaving London. I was planning on writing a lengthy blog post to collect all of my thoughts. I think the paragraphs above explain our thinking perfectly.

But it needn’t all be doom and gloom on m’estate. The neighbours in the nearby Albert Square (seriously) organised a highly successful clearout sale on Saturday. The kind of crap items no longer used in your household that I found littering the pavement of Dorset Road were placed around the Square and put on sale.

Any itmes left after lunch were either taken to the local M.I.N.D. shop along Wandsworth Road, or left for @lambeth_council to collect, after a prior arrangement with the refuse team.

The event not only helped to recycle and raise money for the immediate area, but perhaps more importantly, it also helped to generate a sense of genuine community – all around Albert Square as well, natch.

So yeah, the fly tipping f-you Bruv of Dorset Road: all you need is a little community love. For the next twelve months at least, before we bugger off to Wivenhoe.

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