Last Days of Lido

Lovely lido

So long, lovely lido, as we bid another sorrowful farewell to the waters of Lake Brockwell for another season.

Well, not quite…

The extended opening up until the first weekend in October @brockwlllido has been, um, extended until the middle of the month. There’s early morning swimming on Mondays and Wednesdays, with weekend availability all morning on a Saturday.

But this Sunday was still the saddest day of the year in South London, as the lido turnstiles creaked for one final time to signal the end of all day opening. The weather was actually rather wonderful, the water not so. But that’s why we choose swim outdoors, for the daily dose of a cold, harsh, reality check as you dive straight into the tepid blue waters.

As ever, it’s been another classic lido season; as ever, I sound like Michael Eavis, declaring it ‘the best yet!’ But there really is no such thing as a bad lido summer.

July saw a number of Phew Wot a Scorcher days, soon followed by the return of the now annual Lambeth Schools Swimming Gala. The Windrush Tri Club established a firm base at the waters of Lake Brockwell, and our wonderful cafe by the water has become the new social hub for the whole lido community.

There’s much to celebrate and debate at the BLU AGM later this month. It’s the social gathering event of the year for the lido community, as we come together to reflect and lament on all that has gone before us in the previous six months. Plus there’s the chance for one final, final swim.


And then we do it all again, um, in December, with the Solstice dip on the last Saturday before the 25th. Wetsuits optional, but you’d be a brave soul to try out the icy waters in a bikini, as one lady was this morning.

And so now what? Well, it’s back to Clap’ham for the winter months and a sweaty, soulless environment. At least it will give me something to blog about.

Back to Brockwell come early May ’10, for one final summer of swimming for me outdoors in SE24. Next stop: the sea…

Come on in – the water truly, truly is lovely.


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