Out of the Red, into the Blue

And so I’ve reaching a tipping point in the utterly pointless @daytum onionbagblog online abacus. I began counting at the start of the year two sets of data online: which bicycle (s) I was riding each day, and which location I was taking my morning swim at.

As I said – utterly pointless.

But like most of the modern interweb, Daytum exists simply because it can; nothing more, nothing less. If I was being optimistic then I was hoping that some form of pattern might emerge on both counts.

What I can conclude is that the two bicycles I ride with the most frequency, are the exact same two bicycles that I would have named back at the start of the year, if you had asked me which two bicycles I ride with the most frequency (Moulton Deluxe and Raleigh fixed wheel.)

The # Days Spent Swimming Al Fresco daytum count is perhaps slightly more telling. I wanted to collate the data, giving me a time specific tipping point where I could say yah boo sucks and wave my willy in the air, happy in the knowledge that I have been able to swim outdoors this year on the same amount of occasions that I have suffered indoors.

And that great morning arrived today. One hundred and twenty three days indoors at Clap’ham / Brixton, one hundred and twenty three days outdoors @brockwelllido.

The temptation now is to discard the daytum stream. But with optimistic sounds coming out of Fusion management, suggesting that we may get a reprieve and swim al fresco all the way through until the end of October, I think I will continue the daytum count each morning as I brace my body for another bruising session.

And boy – it’s getting b****y cold in that pool right now. 17.2 degrees was the water temperature count this morning; a figure that if it wasn’t so brutal in freezing up my b******s at the time, I may have had the bright idea of logging all of this data in… a daytum stream.

A very brave young lady was swimming in the lane next to me, braving the autumnal elements of Lake Brockwell in nothing but a bikini. Blimey. Dodging the bobbing conkers as I put the lengths in was enough for me to contend with.

But then when my daytum count for al fresco swimming comes to an end in around forty five days time, the return to Clap’ham will be met with a big MEH, and longing for a return to the golden lido days.

My online daytum project for the winter months is to keep count of the number of days that GLL manage to keep the pools at Clap’ham and Brixton open.


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