Back to School

Remember the Sunny Stockwell Christmas Tree annual post, back in the winter of ’08, where I had ambitions to run the websites for half the schools in South London?


It’s been quite a week. I don’t usually use this blog to boast about professional achievements. But sometimes, if you have that platform, you need to tell it like it is, in order to keep the momentum going.

Online publishing is a wonderful medium. It gives you the opportunity to showcase any half-decent skills, which can then lead to, um, something approaching a *shhh* proper job.

And so in the week that I rolled out a new website for Somewhere in SE17, I also returned to Somewhere *else* in SE17, in-between picking up two separate phone calls out of the blue, asking if I’d like to take on two more school sites.


I made an effort to leave the house midweek and watch some cricket, fearful of being back in full time employment once again.

To be brutally honest, it’s bloody hard work, albeit very rewarding. I spend my daytime running around various classrooms, talking to children, teachers and support staff, collecting content in the online equivalent of Supermarket Sweep set in a South London school.

Evenings are then spent piecing it all together. I’ve learnt many new skills along the way, as well some valuable online publishing lessons:

* Always work in IE first – worry about the others later.

* See how the nasty piece of s*** that is IE6 is behaving – something like a staggering 25% of your users will still be accessing the modern interweb via this shoddy, unstable software.

* Use the tools that are available. Hard coding may give you credence, but an out of the box WP theme, some embeds via audioboo or, and all of a sudden you have your own multi-media push button broadcasting empire.

Oh, and no task is worth not waiting on until the following morning. Trying browser compatibility tests at 4am is not a wise idea.

Now then – about that proposed Wivenhoe move…

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