links for 2009-09-09


As predicted, back in the distant past of, oooh, six months ago, INQ have ditched the Facebook Phone in favour of the Twitter handset. It’s a tough market out there in the world of iPhone lite. Good luck INQ Mini – it’s priced competatively, but I can’t see many of the Twitterati taking a backwards step from iPhone addiction.

Thou Shalt Not Cap

And so here’s the manifesto for the modern interweb. It’s a striking, challenging and inspiring call to arms. We need ‘nu journalists’ now, more than ever – if only to correct the capping up of the modern [i]nterweb.

Lights! Camera! Chapeau!

The brilliant Bicycle Film Festival is almost upon us once again. Cycling and the cinema make for strangely compelling saddle fellows. The big screen captures the beauty of riding a bike like no other medium.


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