Still We Ride

A stormy Friday night, and not exactly the ideal conditions for cycling what could be my final Critical Mass ride in London. I was a regular on the Mass for over a decade. Work commitments have sidelined me in recent years; I’ve also grown slightly weary of the Bicyclist as Street Warrior mentality.

I cycle because I can – nothing more, nothing less. The physical act of bicycling stimulates my mind and my body, in a form that no other recreational activity has yet to reach. Well, not quite every activity.

I firmly believe that bicycling is both an individual and communal experience. You work out how it best functions for you, and then take it from there. I like the best of both worlds – solitary rides to collect my thoughts, and then collective cycling to experience the company of like-minded individuals.

To try and summarise Critical Mass as a single entity is not possible. For my final ride, I took on the task of finding out the motives of some of the other Mass-ers gathered underneath the arches of Waterloo.

The simple question asked was:

“Why do you cycle Critical Mass?”

The following is only a small snapshot of the answers given. Perhaps the best way of finding out the truth is to attend one of the monthly Mass rides yourself, and then reflect – Why did you cycle Critical Mass?

Now then – who’s up for starting off the Wivenhoe branch of Critical Mass?

The London Mass meets on the last Friday of every month, at 6pm underneath the arches of Waterloo Bridge. Many thanks to all the lovely interviewees, who kindly agreed to be filmed.


One thought on “Still We Ride

  1. Hey Jason,

    Thanks for the cool video – tonight was my first critical mass and I really enjoyed it – I had some initial concerns about whether it is a good thing or not in terms of the ‘public face’ of cycling and tried to think how I would feel if I got stuck on a bus behind us. That said it was emminently refreshing to be the majority on the road and to be surrounded by other cyclists of all tastes, shapes and sizes.

    Whilst I am all for people having political affiliations and being proud of those, sadly I spoke to a lot of people tonight who had come for the first time and had felt somewhat ‘hijacked’. Indeed, it seemed to be the buzz word of the evening.
    And goodness gracious isn’t Blackheath a long way from anywhere?! ;o)

    All in all a good experience, and amazing to see SO many bikes, but perhaps the message is more powerful in central London than the back streets of Deptford. Just my two pence worth…

    Keep up the blogging and good luck in sunny Wivenhoe! Now, I’m off to adjust my saddly height and dig out the Deep Heat…

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