links for 2009-08-24

Tone Deaf

A really, really clever online tool for facilitating tone and pitch. Oh, go on then – it’s the Simon for the modern interweb generation. I came across all Brian Eno, so to speak, for half an hour, programming at random a sequence of pitch changes, all played out with a rhythm last heard on a, um, Bentley Rhythm Ace remix. Can’t wait to play with it with the kids back at school next month.

txt: none of the above

Good work @lambeth_council (blimey) for taking the annual pain out of confirming that I haven’t prematurely popped my clogs and yep, I’m still available to spoil my ballot paper at the next round of local elections. Registration is now not only online, but also via txt, Bruv. It worked a treat as well, with a confirmation ping back once I had submitted.

We Will Remember

Speaking of effective use of technology around these parts, the lovely (and very resourceful) @StockwellNews has published a new blog, documenting the names found on the Stockwell War Memorial. For anyone interested in local history (rallying call for the first meeting of the Stockwell Oral History project later on this week…) then this is a wonderful data resource to share.

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