Palfrey Pt III

Yep, it’s the sequel that no one wanted to make – the boy from the wrong side of the tracks who has an obsession with filming the lamentable recycling efforts of those around him: Palfrey Place Pt III – Fly Tipping Becomes Personal.

How disappointing to find that only two days after the good @cllrrobbanks organised a clean up of Palfrey Place, the inconsiderate idiots around these parts (of which there are many) are up to their old tricks once again.

But wait! What’s this? The traditional dumping ground of the Palfrey Place lamppost has shifted slightly to become a street corner. Not in my back yard, etc.

My little patch of South London has recently become a police control zone, allowing any anti-social behaviour to be moved along. Great for this side of the estate, not so for the other areas where the idiots get shifted to. Buy hey, I’ happy.

It seems that in an almost comical twist of fly tipping fate, the same scenario is now being played out along Palfrey Place. Dumping from the stump has been sorted; further up the road on the street corner, and it’s back to where we started.

I’m not promising a 3D re-make for Palfrey IV, or jumbo size popcorn cartons either. They’d only end up being selfishly strung across the street.


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