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Treehouse Gallery

Early morning work complete – rewarding myself with lido swim, and possibly a trip to #treehousegallery #

A madcap Friday afternoon spent falling asleep up a tree Regent’s Park, as the bonkers bongo boys played out a tribal march on their drums below me. Blimey – not your everyday start to the weekend then.

Intrigued by the growing number of tweets documenting the summer project of #treehousegallery, I cleared an afternoon of work and cycled up to NW1 to see if the online expectation matched the reality of the event.

The premise behind the project is to celebrate the summer in the natural environment, sharing ideas and debating opportunities for sustainable living within the city. Sounds a little too ethical and worthy? No worries – there’s plenty of childhood fun to retreat back into with music workshops, big swings and hammocks.

The Treehouse Gallery is essentially a living art project right in the centre of Regent’s Park by the boating lake. It has become something of a #Tuttle retreat in recent weeks, with ICA sessions often carrying on al fresco up a tree.

Two large structures have been converted into living areas. Around the periphery and you’ll find a number of other structures that facilitate learning and discussion. Overlooking the lake is a series of swings and hammocks.

It’s the treehouse garden you never had as a child, and sadly one that won’t last longer than the end of September.

Lying in a hammock at #treehouseproject. Public art as procrastinating – perfect #

I started off my afternoon becoming entangled in a giant hammock. I managed to escape the clutches of the rope, listened to the drumming workshop (yeah, I know…) and then went for a read up a tree.

Oh dear. Grown man trapped in hammock at #treehouseproject #

Two hours passed by in no time, and soon it was time to return back to base for the evening shift. Regent’s Park was particularly beautiful in the late afternoon sun, providing an escapism that I’ve yet to experience up in North London.

I imagine the setting becomes more magical in the evening, with candlelit illuminations leading the way for the music that follows. Of course it would be folly to suggest that this is a long-term solution for city living. But then given the alternative of crappy inner city estates, then I’m ready to listen to the debate.

Leaving #treehouseproject at Regent’s Park. A bonkers event, but one of the highlights of the London summer. Do come, open until end Sept #

Full flickr set over here.


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