Palfrey Pt II

A further update from the good @cllrrobbanks, regarding the public dumping ground of Palfrey Place, SW8:

I have now had a follow up email from **** which says that they have identified the housing that the perpetrators live in. I will not name the actual name of the block of homes in order to protect those residents who are innocent!

They have written to those they believe are guilty of this and will be taking further action if the problem persists. I checked it last night and it was looking tidy.

How wonderful. And so this is how local democracy can help to produce real results at grass roots level. All it took was a simple Flip vid and a tweet; the mess has now be cleaned up, and hopefully a long term policy is in place to prevent Palfrey Place becoming a tip once again.

I wonder how @lambeth_council managed to identify the fly tippers? Perhaps through looking through the contents of the crap disposed and finding an address?


Good work, @cllrrobbanks.

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