links for 2009-08-18

Herne Hill Halloween

A little known fact of le velo is that there is also a thriving cyclo cross community sitting right next to the track. It may not be the most rock ‘n roll of bicycling lifestyle choices, but this could all change with the help of some promotion from the Rollapaluza crowd. Having made roller-racing sexy once again, Rollapaluza are now turning towards cyclo cross at Herne Hill on Halloween night. Chapeau!

Serco Secure Le Velib

From the company that is responsible for running the DLR and Woolwich Ferry, comes… a whopping £140m budget to roll out le velib scheme across London. In principle, yes; it’s all about the bike, after all. But the good folk of velorution raise some valid points about the budget, and how it could be better spent.

And finally…

Heads up @BillBuffalo for MC Spandex and the semi-pro Vs fakenger skit. I know which side of the saddle I sit upon.

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