Back to more micro-local matters with a home video offering the view I get each morning as I attempt to cycle along Palfrey Place, SW8. The narrow passage running adjacent to the Clap’ham Road is a strange place at the most pristine of times. When it becomes a dumping ground for the selfish citizens of SW8, then it’s a right stink.

It would be easy to criticise @lambeth_council here, but that’s not the issue. The weekly refuse collection takes place around Palfrey – and perhaps this is the main problem…

The collection of household crap is left in a location that isn’t even a waste collection point. It’s simply a stump in the pavement, used by uncaring members of the community as a dumping ground. Once the bin men start to take away all the rubble, the message is sent out that this is acceptable.

The immediate local environment around you matters, more so than perhaps the wider global picture. Why be encouraged to take part in the larger conversation if you are closing yours ears back at home base?

Palfrey Place and the ignorant fly-tippers has become a very real pain around these parts. And that’s not rubbish.

Update from @cllrrobbanks:

“I reported this before I went on holiday and got the rubbish cleared by the council, but as you say this encourages anti social residents to dump more stuff there. But if you don’t do anything that also encourages bad behaviour! I have asked the council to take monitoring action to try and identify the culprit, I will try to take another look tomorrow and find out from Streetcare what else they can do.”

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  1. Happy to report that this mess has now been cleared, thanks to the kindly intervention of Councillor Rob Banks. How long it remains junk free remains to be seen.

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