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Nope, it’s not the strap line for this blog, but hopefully how I will be spending my Bank Holiday Monday in a few weeks time. Throw in a bit of a film show, and I think I have found the perfect way of spending perhaps my final summer Bank Holiday here in South London.

With THE Lovely Lido twinned with our North London friends up at Parliament Hill, it makes sense for the first Fusion endorsed Brixton Art and Brockwell Lido Perpetual Trophy to link up the two locations, and join together in a show of swimming / cycling community strength.

Both buildings share similar art deco architecture, both faced the very real prospect of closure during the 1980’s. But the good times have returned, North and South, and so now seems like a good time to celebrate the thriving outdoor swimming community that is growing within the capital.

The simple idea is to swim in one of the locations, then cycle either up or down to the other, and… swim once again. Starting in North London would make sense, especially so with a screening of The Harder They Come to complete the entertainment for the evening back at Brockwell.

The Brixton Art and Brockwell Lido Perpetual Trophy will be awarded to the rider who completes the North / South divide in the quickest time. I somehow don’t think my bonkers multi-coloured Moulton is going to be a contender.

The equally bonkers Brixton Art Bicycle project has kindly donated a couple of pimped up bikes by local designer Lamonte Johnson to be raffled off. You wouldn’t catch one of these beautiful machines locked up outside some crappy indoor pool. Al fresco swimming attracts a bonkers unique type of personality.

This is just one example of the encouraging series of events that Fusion has started to stage around the lido. The marriage of cycling and swimming is no coincidence; cycling to the lido seems to make far more sense than driving there, something that Fusion has recognised, with the wonderful provision of bicycle parking spaces in place.

So top down, a couple of swims, plenty of pedaling and then some lido socialising.

I’ll miss all of this when we’re gone.


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