Crap Match Report

Surrey 156-2 beat Gloucestershire Glamorgan 189-5 by eight wickets (D/L) (Surrey 2pts)

C'mon the 'rrey!

Heading out to The Oval, via the off-licence. Optimistic of some Ramprakash watching #

Bumper crowd at The Oval. Seriously. Suits everywhere. City half day? Mr Ramps is out there *swoon* 42-0 Glouc Glam #

Floodlights on at The Oval. Turn ’em down! And while you’re at it, turn down loudmouth Wilson, keeping wicket for Surrey. 44-0 Glouc Glam #

Can’t decide if Glouc Glam high run rate is evidence of a decent #ashes batting wicket at The Oval, or simply crap Surrey bowling. Hang on… #

Still can’t get over size of Pro40 crowd, a competition that ECB tell us is a dead format. Boy Bragg looking good out there for Glouc Glam on 35 #

Not much take up of the highly irritating 4 & 6 cards in the Member’s pavilion. Marketing turns everything into s**** #

Ah, Bill Bragg out for a fine 36, bowled by Meaker. Great view here looking right over the strip. 58-1 Glouc Glam #

Glamorgan, Gloucestershire, Crinkley Bottom. All the same. Meh. 60-1 the, um, opposition #

@jleyden good point. Far too many Oval draws in past 5 years here. Which would work well for Aussies #ashes #

Sun out now at The Oval, Glamorgan (aha!) flagging on 116-4. Unfortunate red wine spilage incident nearby #

Booze taken a bit if a stranglehold. Bad light as well. V gloomy over The Oval. Mr Ramps looks buff, I believe. 169-5 Glamorgan #

@mazlaws oi oi – where are you sitting? Pavilion v busy #

All very gloomy looking out towards ye olde London town. St Paul’s fading on the skyline. Expecting rain soon. 182-5 Glouc / Glam #

Off for rain at The Oval. Pitch inspection at 6:45. Could be a late finish. Apologies to all Surrey Members for my toilet incident #

Oh dear. Kenny Kennington (man in dog costume) is breakdancing to some Elvis on the #ashes wicket. Raining again. Not looking good for play #

A***. Raining again at The Oval. Covers are on. England football in Long Room looks likely #

In other news: just been given a Rico box set whilst sitting in the pavilion. Blimey. Ah covers are coming off #

Bugger. We’re off for rain again at The Oval. 59 for no loss, the ‘rrey #



Mr Ramps batting at The Oval. Bugger. I’ll miss this when we’re gone #


I have some very distressing news. We are out of booze at The Oval. Bugger #

Hilarious. Non Member in the Member’s Pavilion thought he would break tradition and attempt Mexican wave. Ended up pouring pint over himself #

Surrey win. Off to snog Mr Ramps #

In the Long Room. Life is good #

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