Tut Tut

Another free (ish) Friday morning, another #tuttle. I’ll find all this offline social media friendliness a hard habit to break, once term time starts again come September.

I took the strategic decision to arrive at The ICA early. Past performances have seen me stroll in midway through the weekly Tuttle meet ups, finding the many conversations in full flow, making it tricky to find an entry point.

Good decision on Friday. Tuttle early doors proved to be almost an ambient experience. The gentle tapping of MacBooks was only punctuated with the ringing of an iPhone. The whole room then reaches for their respective pockets, which is rather amusing to watch.

There wasn’t really anything specific on the agenda for me this week. I’ve had quite a decent run with various online projects of late. I was more interested in a cup of coffee and a catch up.

@funkturm arrived (slightly) fashionably late, flashing about his compact and a recent photograph of some bonkers multi-coloured Moulton he captured parked up outside the ICA.


@cabbiescapital also came along, and judging by his constant iPhone updates, had his mind half on Tuttle, half up at Headingley.

Good man.

We were soon introduced to the lovely miss audioboo, which made my short cycle into town worthwhile. I’ve long been a flag waver for all things audioboo, and was keen to express my enthusiasm, and to find out what’s around the corner from bestbefore.tv. With the 3GS supporting video, it doesn’t take a genius to second-guess.

The theme for Tuttle today seemed to be @audioboo party hangovers. The dark eyes and coffee addiction was a sure sign of attendance at the party the night previous.

I think I was slightly over-excitable with mss boo, keen to put across how a FREE app has totally changed the way I work within various schools. But the ease of producing, publishing and distributing a podcast via audioboo, is a game changer, make no mistake.

The conversation then turned towards @cabbiescapital, who is keen to also embrace audioboo. mss boo came up with the brilliant idea of a Google maps mash up, locating his movements each day with cross-referenced audio. It’s this exchange of ideas that makes Tuttle attendance so useful and rewarding.

The morning was then a mix of more coffee and more work, as I ducked in and out of the room with scheduled commitments at various times. Out of interest I ran a quick speed check on the ICA WIFI – a whopping 10megs, which had to be worth the price of my cappuccino alone.

An all too brief conversation with @JimAnning followed, exchanging ideas about the use of technology within education and how a bottom up approach is so badly needed.

And then I was all Tuttled out. I made my exit, only to end up with a further fifteen-minute conversation in the ICA car park, all about consumer power and the possibility of making money via feedback. In truth, I think my moneyman was more interested in my bonkers multi-coloured Moulton.

I think I’ve worked out how to get the most out of Tuttle. You just need to attend, and attend frequently. Unfortunately my term time commitments at Somewhere *else* In SE17 restrict me, but I’ve got another four weeks or so free at least.

Same again seven days time.


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