links for 2009-08-06


Pedal power and escalators, never the twain.

Ayup – the Return of Raleigh

Raleigh never went away to be honest. Sir Walter remains my (non-Moulton) ride of choice.

Get Orf My Land

The metropolitan liberal within wants to write how the dispersal zone around my little patch of South London is an infringement on human liberties. But I’m actually a flag waver for the scheme, and hope the local police use their full power to move on the nasty people that are making living around SW8 such a pain right now. It comes to something when the very values, morals and principles that you pride yourself upon, are pushed to the opposite end of the political spectrum because of the behaviour of others. It pains even more when those ‘others’ are the very people that your values, morals and principles should naturally try and protect. Time to move on, in more ways than one.

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