Wot No Chad?

Wot No Chad?

St Chad’s Place, WC1, WWSI.

“The location this week is all about history and imagination. In fact you’re going to need quite a bit of imagination as there’s very little here.

St Chad’s Place is named after St Chad’s well, which once fed into the great River Fleet. It was believed to have special healing properties, but that didn’t stop it’s demolition with the coming of the Midland Railway company.

What we have now is a cobbled back street off Grays Inn Road, with some interesting views down over the tube. If you get your timing right, there’s a really quite nice little bar called 06 St.Chad’s Place [nasty flashturbation site.]

So pack your inspiration, and failing that, just imagine the unimaginable stench that would once have greeted you had you been here in the times of the mighty Fleet.”


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