links for 2009-08-04

Location, location, location

Lock ups for le velib continue to become a political pawn around my little patch of South London. Le velib bikes need to be put in the places where bicycle usage is currently at its lowest. That would be Windmill Row then, right where the Love Me I’m a Liberal lot have successfully campaigned to have them re-positioned elsewhere.

Put me back on my bike…

@Wiggo goes in search of the spirit of Tom Simpson on top of Ventoux.

“It was different between @lancearmstrong and Contador. It got to the point where I wouldn’t have been surprised if they got off their bikes and ended up fighting each other. Everyone knew there was bad blood and it looks like, reading the war on Twitter between them, it’s not yet over.”

Our cafe by the water

A new lease of life for the lovely art deco lido cafe. Out of season, and the plan is to open up the exterior of the lido along the Dulwich Road side, and serve food and drinks throughout the year. Best of luck (and weather,) with the project.

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