Bow Street, 27/07/09

Here’s a rarity – a one off photograph blog post. Pint glass half full, or half empty? The image above was captured on Bow Street during a Way We See It shoot. It wasn’t a particularly successful session, partly to do with the fading light, partly to do with the oncoming pain of pig sickness.

I returned back to base, emptied the box and bugger – not a lot of choice. I am notoriously unsure about what constitutes a half decent image. The photograph above came perilously close to being deleted on the fly. It’s just not my usual style; too much movement and an out of focus subject matter.

But I’m growing to rather like it. I think it’s the rabbit in the headlights look of the young lady that makes the image. This was no coincidence – I was shooting unknowingly with my flash on, something which caught the young lady, and myself, by surprise.

So yeah, I think the lesson learnt here is to delete at your peril. Or perhaps just to shoot a hell of a lot more.

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