Crowdsourcing for Content

Is content still king? Of course it is. Looking at a blank page on the modern interweb defeats the ethos of sharing information for the wider good. But in the land of Broadband Britain, the user with the 10meg connection is King. Or even the individual with the iPhone audioboo app is King.

I’ve raved about audioboo before. Put simply, the podcast on the fly iPhone app is a game changer. Record, publish and distribute via Twitter or an iTunes feed. It’s podcasting for idiots, which is why I tend to use the service rather frequently.

I’m not alone, either. Although BIG media seem slow on the uptake (I wonder why!) the benefits of audioboo as a content creation service are being used by niche broadcasters.

Resonance’s Bike Show has picked up on the idea of generating listener submissions via audioboo. It’s the simplicity of the service, combined with sourcing of new content form the people that really matter, which is so appealing.

Whereas BIG media book in advance a knobber ‘expert,’ organise a car to pick them, put them in make up, get them slightly sloshed in the green room and then get the ‘expert’ to ramble on some nonsense that we all knew about anyway, audioboo allows similar ‘experts’ to add their submissions, all from the comfort of their own bedroom.

Which is exactly what I did when @thebikeshow put out a request for audioboo reflections on Le Tour, for future broadcat. This call for submissions also worked well during last month’s Dunwich run, allowing riders to record a very personal reflection as the evening unfolded.


So yeah, my ramblings on Le Tour may not exactly be the greatest piece of audio ever recorded, but it makes about as much sense as the mainstream knobber media whores who are taxied in to have a run through of Her Majesty’s popular prints on the news channels during the early hours.

Content is still king, but crowdsourcing is the uprising from the masses. You need to create to be criticised. Sitting around doing nothing is not the answer. That’s when the mainstream knobber media whores get to maintain the status quo.


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