Raspberry Ripple Rocks

Never thought I would see Super Furry Animals headline an ice cream fest at Clap’ham Common. Band Don’t Give a F**** #

mrs obb and I use to think nothing of losing four days at a festival. This afternoon and four hours on Clap’ham Common seems too long #The Fannies (steady.) Glasto ’95 seems like a good bet #

Reminding mrs obb that all of the Fannies records sound the same #

Standing in an ice cream queue, on Clap’ham Common, behind a rather tall goth. He’s going for the Chunky Monkey special #

Deciding to trim down to King of the Mountain figure can wait. There’s 22 free ice creams on offer to sample. Shame about the music #

Think the Fannies are about finished. We’ve had four new songs, all written in that cuddly & familiar stuck in ’92 twangy style. Ice cream time #


Had two blokes walk past, both carrying six bottles of beer, both lost and both equally p*****. Sober girl carrying six ice creams is fine #

I use to camp outside beer tent at festivals. Currently taking up a strategic location outside the ice cream stall #

Ali G’s ice cream glove would come in handy, here on Clap’ham Common #

mrs obb just reminded me of SFA’s sonar tank that made cows vomit. Ben & Jerry branding all around Clap’ham Common is of… cows. Cool as F*** #

And here come the Super Furries. Type of band that passes you by for a decade, but still don’t disappoint. Techno opening #

Don’t think SFA’s Welsh tinged take on old school techno meets Krautrock is rocking the Friends of Clap’ham Common stall #

mrs obb just asked: “Are Ben and Jerry really headlining?” Sweet. SFA currently running Rings Around the World #

This is a lovely early evening set from Super Furries. Demons, Hello Sunshine, If You Don’t Want Me to Destroy You. Bonkers, bonkers band #

Parents covering up the saintly ears of the young children of Clap’ham, as Super Furries shake up the Common with *that* song #

Business ain’t good for the lone ice cream van parked outside Clap’ham Common #

Back from Clap’ham & Ben & Jerry. Really enjoyed Super Furries. Reassuring, yet rather disturbing band. Irony they now have Ice Hockey Hair #

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