Another Friday morning, another regular Tuttle Club meet up, give or take the odd three-month lapse in my coffee and carrot cake with London’s social media hub.


I’ve missed out on Tuttle for some time now. Just as one Friday freelance project came to an end, another time specific one started. Tuttle is a very loose, free form type of club. The one rule is that Tuttle meets every Friday. But even a freelancer has to earn.

And so with a rare window in my weekly routine, I cycled off to the ICA on Friday morning for a coffee and a catch up with the lovely folk of Tuttle. Although not exactly a regular, it was as though I had never been away.

Despite all your fancy social media tools enabling greater cooperation amongst the crowd, you still can’t control the English weather. Mid-July, and Tuttle for this week had been deemed an outdoor, al fresco event, held just down The Mall at St James’s Park.

Having rendezvoused with @darryl1974 and @funkturm, the rain chose to descend upon central London. We spent the best part of five minutes trying to decide if a bunch of German teenage backpackers were the new, zestful face of Tuttle. Turns out they were just as lost (and wet) as we were.

No worries – when in doubt, descend on the familiar ground of the ICA. Tuttle was in full flow, and within minutes I was talking with a complete stranger about the potential crossover within the fields of psychoanalytic study and technology. That’s not normally a conversation you have down the Dog ‘n Duck on a Friday night.

I needed the offline inspiration for a particularly painful online project that I am currently having some problems with. Working remotely has great benefits, but isolation is not one of them. Sometimes you just need a fresh perspective, a friendly chat and some inspiration with where to go with the project next. Thankfully I found that renewed vigour within the ICA on Friday morning.

I didn’t get to do the meet ‘n greet with a great deal of other Tuttlers. The rain had slightly dampened my mood, and I was feeling slightly *shhh* unsocial at a social media meet up.

But Tuttle is what you make of it. In many ways it is like the underground parties I occasionally attended in the mid ’90s; you pull up to a complete stranger, ask them what their online ID is and then take it form there. Thankfully the ketamine wasn’t in action at the ICA.

Other chats followed, with a new pal who seems to balance marketing with development. He can roll out systems, and then market them himself. Perfect sense.

With work calling later in the afternoon, I made my Tuttle exit shortly after lunch, feeling better for having made a slight effort, although weary that I wasn’t exactly on fighting form.

There was quite a buzz within the ICA, and the most in demand person is always mien host, the lovely Mr Tuttle. I was therefore pleased to find the most social, social media man in London, taking some time out for himself on the steps leading down to The Mall as I departed.

He seemed justifiably pleased that another successful morning of Tuttle was coming towards an end. Enabling individuals to share their work and ideas together must be a very rewarding experience. I’ll try not to leave it three months again before I’m next Tuttled over.


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