Crap Meet Report

Managed to get the Moulton up College Road and towards Crystal Palace. This feat alone deserves a gold medal #

Queues almost the length of a half marathon to get in at Crystal Palace. Crap #

Meet ‘n greet the athletes turns out to be a nasty corporate tent with the sole aim of athletes saying Adidas as often as possible #

Taken up seats, right by 100m start. Hope Mr Bolt hasn’t been dining at NY Burger stall. Wheelchair 1500 in progress #

WTF are Mcains doing sponsoring an athletics event? Women’s 400m heats up next. Not much sign of crappy chips as running fuel #

Cripes – we’re sitting within striking range of the shot put. Trying not to catch the gaze of a rather muscular Russian female #

Evergreen Christian Malcolm up in 200m. Blimey. Whatever next? Seb Coe at Crystal Palace? Careful what you wish for #

Oh dear. Shout just gone out for a medic to the shot put area. Asafa Powell warming up in front of us #

I was going to model myself on a 1500m runner. Dr A has just turned up with a jumbo hot dog, so shot put build, here we come #

Absolute stroll for Powell in 100m heats. Mr Bolt’s up next, and he stretching out right in front of me. Blink and you’ll miss it #

Three false starts, and mild panic from promoters that he wouldn’t make it, but yep, Usain Bolt is through to the final #

Ah, bollocks. That knobber Sebastian Coe is pruning around Crystal Palace #

Sand pit being raked at Crystal Palace. Hop, skip & jumpers are getting very excited #

Shot putters must be capable of one hell of an orgasmic roar. And that’s just the women #

Bloke sitting next to me at the athletics is sloshed. He must be about 85. Bless. Loving the long jump #

Just been revealed that medic for shot putter was to attend winning male. Steward dropped shot put on his foot. Whoops #

Skies beginning to bruise, with 100m final just around the corner. Fantastic finish to 5000m race. Should have brought my running shoes #

Women’s 4x100m relay. Quadruple the talent on show, so to speak #

So you break a British record in the pole vault, and you get given a big cheque made out in dollars. Gee whizz #

Right, we’re almost at the 100m final. Much excitement. Want to audioboo it, but Dr A said I will sound like a right knobber #

Bolt is dancing away on the starting blocks #


Full flickr set over here.

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