Return of the Moulton MkII

Magnifficent Moulton

And so following an illuminating morning spent over in Chelsea in the front room workshop of the Moutlon Preservation Society at the start of the month, I was walking the mean streets of SW10 once again this week, en route for a rendez vous with my wonderful reconditioned machine.

Restoring Moulton’s is a labour of love for Mr MPS. It’s an infectious pastime, and one that is hard not to get caught up in the crossfire with. What was initially a relatively simple replacement of the rear rubber suspension unit, soon became something of a complete rebuild.

This was nothing to do with Mr MPS and his touting for business. Far from it. The man with the Moutlon spanner has a steady backlog of old bicycles to be restored. All work is undertaken on a not for profit basis. Nope, it was simply a case of being entrapped in his Aladdin’s Cave of cycling greatness, as I kept on adding new jobs to the workload.

My justification was that I might as well go for the complete overhaul during one journey. Pleasant though it was walking from Sunny Stockwell over to Chelsea to pick up the machine, it’s not something I want to make a regular habit of.


Here’s the complete billet:

Remove and replace rear forks with sprayed and lacquered replacements

Replace rear rubber suspension unit with new unit

Replace rear pivot bolt

Replace drive chain with new chain and half link

Fit chainweel guard

Reset gears and rear brake

Reset brake and gear lever at handlebars, to access first gear.


All carried out with great kindness, a smile at all times and an incredibly reasonable price. Don’t forget we’re talking about a bicycle that is almost half a century old here. Pulling it apart and putting it back together is not as simple as hacking away on a crappy Halfords frame.

Oh, and just to prove that I’m not a total spanner, I managed to fit the road saddle myself. I wanted something slightly more rigid, to give a ying to the yang of the dual suspension.

I took great pleasure in bicycling off to Somewhere in SE17 on my Moulton Mk II this morning. I turned a few heads during the short commute, and I don’t think that was down to my rugged good looks either.

The addition of the cream coloured Moulton original chain guard completes the makeover. It is indeed the missing cog in the chain, supplementing the symmetry provided by the two wheels, and keeping in the same colour scheme as the grips and rear rack.

I’m all set now to roll out with the Moultoneers. Richmond Park is the location a week on Monday for the Moulton Preservation Society summer picnic. I’m sure that’s a podcast waiting to happen.

All I need now is a restored front rack to carry my provisions on. Fifty-four of your finest English pounds, according to Mr eBay on Thursday evening. Cripes. Looks like there’s still something of a restoration job to be carried out, before the work is finally complete.


Classic bicycling pr0n ahoy.

Magnifficent Moulton

Magnifficent Moulton

Magnifficent Moulton

Magnifficent Moulton

Magnifficent Moulton

Magnifficent Moulton

3 thoughts on “Return of the Moulton MkII

  1. On my Moulton Mk 1 the rubber boot on the front suspension is held in place with 2 loops of copper wire. How should it be attached?

  2. Hi

    I’ve read through you blog about Moulton Bike with depth. I was fascinated by how you got your old F frame restored. I just bought a F frame (same colour and model as yours) coupe weeks ago and plan to ship it back to Taiwan. I was wondering how I can contact Mr MPS for restoring my Moulton. I do have some issues of the rear suspension unit and several missing parts. Would you mind forward me his email or something that I can approach to him. Many thanks in advance and looking forward to your kind reply.



  3. Hi i,m currently restoring an old moulton mk1 3 speed , i,m trying to remove the pivot bushes , (brass) have started to drill them out but find i,m not getting far , any suggestions ? also am wanting to have some new rear forks from moulton preservation ,

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