Born Slippy in Soho

There’s something very messy about Soho late at night. It’s not a part of town that I frequent often; age and apathy have seen to this. The backstreets of W1 are very much a young person’s pleasure ground.

But there is a certain appeal to be found in occasionally getting caught up in all the chaos, absorbing the debauchery around you and wishing that you could turn back the clock ten or fifteen years.

Tick tock.

Maybe not.

I must have drunk in all of the shabby backstreet boozers over the years, suffered endless crappy showcase gigs at hidden away hovels, and even somehow managed to blag into some of the cliché C list circuit toilet venues.

Waste of time, waste of money.

And so I was happy to have my midweek saunter around Soho carried out on my bicycle. Straight in, observe, and then back to base and in bed in time for Today in Parliament.

Michael Winterbottom’s Wonderland remains the definitive cellular portrayal around these parts. It’s the collision of colour, shady characters and sheer cheekiness, all captured to perfection on film that makes Wonderland so alluring.

But that too is from a different era. Ten years to be precise. No looking back.

Oh yeah – and if this post reads like something of the beginning for my Londinium ending, then you’re not too far from the truth. It’s the start of a long goodbye to the London I know.

And so a song that I use to associate with my glory years of living in London, stumbling around the twisted streets of Soho, now comes to signify a new start.


Or even Eastwards…

3 thoughts on “Born Slippy in Soho

  1. I always remember listening to an Underworld track (can’t remember the name) and catching the line “I saw you shopping in Europa on Wardour Street” and thinking ‘Hey, I’ve been in that shop’.

  2. The soundtrack to this brought back so many memories. I’m smiling as I write this 🙂 Did you film this? On a bike perhaps, or just running very fast 😉

  3. Yeah, I filmed this. Well, walked around Soho with my flip attached to my handlebars. I got in a slight panic, when a group of dealers thought I was targeting them.

    It seems that I lived *that* song around Soho for about three months during 1996. Heady days.

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