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Al Fresco Aquatics in SE18

It may no longer have a football team playing in the top two tiers of English football, but Charlton does still have a lido. Sort of. Good work by the Greenwich Phantom for digging around and finding out why the SE18 outdoor pool is closed this summer. Apparently a new lease has been handed over to private contractor Open Waters (no webage) on behalf of Greenwich Council. A refurbishment and re-opening is planned for next summer. There are obvious parallels here with the running of Brockwell by Fusion. Any Charlton lido locals would do well to follow the excellent BLU working model if they want to retain an interest in the running of their pool.

Heads up @darryl1974.

Dun Run Tags

A great use of @audioboo by @thebikeshow – rallying riders on the annual Dunwich Dynamo ride this year to record audioboo updates throughout the evening. It’s this kind of collective online, instant use of the micro-podcast service that shows its true potential. An obvious omission on the night from this particular audioboo user. I blame the Moulton being out of the fleet, work commitments and um, sleep.


On Yer Bike

My three Love Me I’m a Liberal local Councillors aren’t quite anti-bike, but they’re doing themselves no favours around these parts by putting up resistance to extra cycle bays for le velib scheme. Writing about the proposed velib bay positioned at Windmill Row, the ever smiling trio of LibDems state:

There is very little space for parking as it is.

And that’s the exact point of le velib – encourage cycling and reduce the reliance upon cars.

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