Eat One, Pick One


A quick heads up for local SW8 food company As the lovely Nine Elms people are first to admit:

It has been a difficult year, and if we are honest we have sometimes struggled to keep up to the high standards we set ourselves. We are going to change that.

As a mark of our thanks to all you loyal customers, we thought we’d give you a free punnet of strawberries with your delivery this week.

Credit then for admitting a few teething problems with sourcing and delivery of the food. As a reward for sticking with the business, every customer got a huge punnet of complimentary strawberries this week.

We didn’t actually notice any change in the service; the company comes highly recommended for organic fruit ‘n veg delivery each week.

All I need now is a tennis match, which still holds interest for me, in which to enjoy the produce. Anyone up for tennis at Vauxhall Park?

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