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It’s another case of confused editorial in Lambeth Life, the Council Tax funded information sheet for Lambeth residents, published by our friends @lambeth_council. Mixed in with worthy local Lambeth news about funding for Myatt’s Fields Park, community expo forums and the countdown to the Country Show, flick to page 4 and you’ll find a full on interview with that well known Lambeth face, um, Alan McGee.

Alan McGee and the Creation of a Pop Dream [PDF] carries about as much relevance to the Lambeth electorate as the term ‘value for money’ carries in relation to the wasting of Council Tax money on such crude churnalism.

The tenuous hook on which to hang the interview is that Mr Creation is putting on one of his Death Disco nights down the road at Jamm in July. Entry on the night is £10. No mention of concessions to Council Tax payers. I think the Lambeth Life piece is therefore known as an advert, although I doubt if any money changed hands.

It’s not the fact that Mr McGee’s one trick pony of playing God awful junkie inspired sixth form guitar nonsense mistaken as New York 70’s chic cool that causes offence to me (although some of the crap that Al has been trading off for the past ten years is enough to turn anyone towards folk music.)

Nope, it’s the blatant plugging of the night in a Council publication that is probably of interest to less than 1% of the residents of the Borough. A full page as well – just think of the genuine worthy good news stories around the Borough that could have delivered a positive message, rather than Mr McGee’s liberal use of the C word, feebly asterisked out by the subs at Lambeth Life in an attempt to look cool within the Council chambers.

I’ve tweeted our friends @lambeth_council asking to justify such a waste of space (the article, not Mr McGee.)

Next month: H from Steps speaks EXCLUSIVELY to Lambeth Life, all about his favourite brand of toothpaste.

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