Crap Match Report

Close of play, day two: Surrey 186-2, Middlesex 385 (Middlesex 4pts, Surrey 3pts)

Finally made it to St John’s Wood and Lord’s for the afternoon session. No small thanks to the Genius Bar and the Apple go slow time #


Middle Sex Sex Sex all out for 385. Surrey innings underway. Blimey – Jonathan Batty is opening. Surrounded by naked flesh. All old men #

6-0 Surrey in the 5th over. My booze rate is far more healthier. Play, play, play the game #

On reflection, I think I’m in love with the girl geek in the Genius Bar. Oh yeah, 21-0 Surrey #

Old boy in front of me has just necked either a blue smartie or a Viagra tab. At the cricket, honestly #

In the Land of Blind, one eyed man is King. Which at Lord’s, means he who drinks the most and displays flesh, gets to wear crown. I am King #

After twenty summers, I’ve finally realised that cricket is a game of suntans first, sporting endeavour second. 62-0 Surrey #

Ah, here comes Mr Ramps. 62-1 the ‘rrey #


For Butcher and Ramprakash, read Pearce and Clough. I’m a happy man right now. 92-2 Surrey #

Trip to toilet and I’m reminded of my fave Lord’s moment: once saw a bloke syphon his python without removing shorts. Old Man poked through #


Booze, cricket and the sun. Hitting yourself over the head with a large hammer has to be healthier #


Full flickr set over here.

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