English Rose

A lost hour or so around the Secret Garden at Brockwell Park is one of the high points of the high summer for me. The Victorian Walled Garden comes a very close second to the lido for all round loveliness during these long hot summer days.

The hours of effort put in by the dedicated Lambeth gardening staff can be enjoyed by all for a few weeks at the peak of the season. That’s not to say that the Secret Garden goes to seed throughout the rest of the year, but a garden in June is a garden in bloom.

Little has changed in the decade or so of my summer visits to the garden. This has probably been the case for the past one hundred years. The reputation of the garden is with its roses, leaving a delightful fragrance for all to enjoy.

My brief visit this summer was a quiet affair; last year I had a bonkers Brixton experience by stepping right into the living set of a children’s production of Alice in Wonderland.

Maybe I was dreaming this? Much of my time in the Walled Garden is spent sleeping away the afternoon.


Full flickr set over here.


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