Le Jog

A chance encounter with a fellow rider at le velo this morning and I realised that I was rolling out in the company of cycling greatness. It doesn’t take world-record feats to accomplish such a description. Cycling is judged in relative terms, not absolute. Meeting personal goals makes for cycling greatness.

And so I was thrilled when my track companion, Paul, agreed to record a brief podcast detailing his own rise to cycling greatness over the past few weeks. Cycling from Land’s End to John O’Groats makes Paul something of a cycling God.

His achievement is all the more impressive when you learn that Paul’s le jog was undertaken on an unsupported ride. Planning was all carried out online, and the trip itself was simply a case of cycling, youth hostels and friendship – a very British sense of organisation for a very British ride.

The preparation seemed simpler than the actual ride. I’ve been wanting to undertake my own epic trip for sometime now, but the planning has always put me off. Maybe I have got my priorities the wrong way round?

Cycling greatness can be achieved. There’s a God within us all, waiting to be unleashed whilst sitting on a cycling seat. Sadly I didn’t find my personal act of greatness at le velo on Saturday, but I did find Paul.



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