Welcome to obb v2.0 – knobber!

So yeah, I’ve migrated m’blog over to WordPress. About time too. I really couldn’t be bothered to import all the old Blogger posts over. They’re still out there, cluttering up the outer edges of the modern interweb. It’s probably the best place for them to remain.

It served a purpose, but I felt increasingly constrained by the lack of Blogger functionality. Plus I cringe whenever I read back some of the older posts. Time and t’modern interweb wait for no blogger.

I’ve not felt much blog love of late. I’ve been busy rolling out a couple of new school websites, meaning any spare time was best spent well away from the Mac. This explains my absence of any activity over there in recent weeks.

But now I’m back, with big plans and a minimalist WordPress theme that almost makes you crave for online colouring crayons. Everything is black and white in the obb world.


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