I found myself publishing election literature at 6am on Wednesday morning.

How the chuffers did it come to this?

I’ve had the self-titled Prince second album in my head all week. If I was going to be up at this hour, then I might as well ease into the day with some cock tease ballads.

I Wanna be Your Lover had me bouncing in my favourite tea drinking chair of choice. I was still wearing my PJ’s as well.

I had some work shifts at 7am. I switched to Late Junction.

As ever it was hit and miss. Some folksie May Day music was followed by some drill-core.

I chose Serenade Radio instead.

I had a mid-morning escape from the work shifts. I cycled off along what was a GLORIOUS Trail.

#Essex shadows

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My mentality of using it as an A to B route during the winter months has changed. I now cycle along at a plodding pace, taking in all of the nature shit around me.

Turned out nice again

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Backstroke Girl joined me in the fast lane at the pool. She has an odd technique. The legs do the breaststroke lick, whilst her arms simply trail and tread water like a duck.

All on her back as well.


First garden luncheon of the season. ACE

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The garden got the first serious water of the season back at base. Three weeks ago and it was just mush.

The remainder of the working day was taken up with a new client. I had to consult my endless notes about notes to feel confident.

I caught the final session of the Surrey commentary after the tea break.

My early season confidence is wavering.

Wednesday evening was spent watching the Man City match, and then doing a little planning ahead of the CBC election count tomorrow.

An early night.

It looks like being a 24 hour polling booth bender come the morning.

Oh Lordy.