A very tired 7am work shift.

I was hangover free and fighting fit after a weekend of exercise.

But I could barely move.

Age, innit.

I planned a mid-morning swim to wash away the lethargy. But instead the rain washed me away and so I stayed indoors.

Attention turned to Operation Get the F Out of the BT TV deal.

It has worked well for us for almost seven years. BT gave us Sky Sports 1 and 2 on the cheap.

And then those free market racketeers over in Isleworth took their ball away and told BT to bugger off.

We have been left paying £27.50 a month for two shit Sky Sports channels.

Thankfully our contract is up next week. Perfect timing.

But what to replace it with?

In the end we settled on trying Now TV for a month. £33.99 for the complete Sky Sports package. My Google Chromecast will bounce it on to the TV.

I fired up Chromecast and waited to see what delights I could watch at 11am on a Monday morning.

A repeat of the nightmare Forest away at Yeovil match from ten years ago.

Oh dear.

Can I break my Now TV contract, um, now?

Next up was some research into a new Brompton front carrying bag. My old bag is pretty much b0rked. I need a replacement.

The issue here is that I have S-type handlebars; the bags that I prefer are all for the M-type.

Hacks and workarounds are available. I need to see a bag up close in person before buying online.

In Power of Attorney News:

Bugger. This gets serious

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Time to get serious. Anna is now in control of finances – which isn’t a great deal to bragg about, once Now TV and the new Brompton bag have been accounted for.

I went out on a few errands around the village.


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I broke my fave pair of specs.

Oh bollocks.

£40 was quoted at the opticians for a repair.

Don’t tell the Keeper of my Power of Attorney.

They're a right bloody pair

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More work, and then Cat Girl II came round. Daisy and Dotty are about to fly solo for a few days.

They are a worry.

I listened to Gilles Peterson for the rest of the afternoon shifts. I’ve no idea how, but yer man defo increases my productivity.

And then finally I managed to sign off on the school content for the year. I published all the SW9 videos, audio and images from the fag end of last week.


School’s out for summer, etc.

Anna did her S Ldn disappearing act late in the evening.

Hey hoe.

The amazing Madam Dotty

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