Stop / start work for Friday.

Pretty much from start to finish.

The 7am shift then led to a cycle along the Trail and a swim.

Overcast Friday, innit

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But wait! What’s this?

I was seeing double.

Mr Cormorant has a doppelgänger.

Yep – so there was two of them down by the Muddy Banks of the Hythe.

My high esteem for the fella was shattered.

He ‘aint unique.

It was almost as confusing as the identical twin teachers at the SE21 school (who I didn’t actually know were two people until after three years of working with them. Whoops…)

It was my first time back in the water for a few days. It felt bloody ACE.

A walking lady was in the fast lane. I was pleasant, and most certainly didn’t push her aside.

But ta anyway, Madam.

A brief 30 lengths, and a close escape with West Ham Wanker back in the gents.

Then work.

Then a late afternoon walk.

Then work.

#WeirdWiv, innit

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The pause button wasn’t really pressed at all on the stop / start day.

Hey hoe.

#PUSSY, innit

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