Some early morning editing of the Dulwich photos from yesterday, and then a few words for Buzz.

#dhfc Vs bloody Billericay

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The photos look unremarkable now. I thought the same of every Dulwich photo set that I took going back over the past 15 years.

The value is in the social history and memories.

#dhfc Vs bloody Billericay

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I don’t think I want any memories of the Billericay match tbh.

I had a random Sunday morning 9am work shift. The randomness then became the manic.

Big Client #1 had an outage. Sunday mornings weren’t meant to be like this 🙁

The 9am shift meant that I couldn’t make the 8:45am CTC Club Run roll out over in Sunny Colch.

No worries – the route was working its way over to our side of town with a coffee stop at Dedham.

Team LIDL. Oh dear #lidl

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I cycled off with Anna – pleased of the company, and pleased to have someone directing me.

We joined up with the other CTC members just in time for the most amazing piece of coffee cake at the Munnings Garden Cafe.

Why the long face, etc. Coffee break on CTC Club Run

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An inquisitive horse in the field next door followed our every move. My Lidl gilet almost appeared on the menu for Mr Horse.

We pressed on with the route for a luncheon stop up in Hadleigh. I had my new touring bag with me on the rear rack. It was perfect to pack in all that I need for a day out in the saddle.

The pace was pedestrian. This suited us both.

We detoured after luncheon to make it back home by avoiding Sunny Colch.

We returned to find a dead mouse in the kitchen and two very tired cats.

Naught, naught Dotty.

I was equally as tired. I struggled to keep my eyes open for the Spurs Vs Chelsea match.

I managed to find a little energy to spend an hour or so tidying up in the garden.

We out for an early evening Quayside walk.

I was pretty bored tbh.

#WeirdWiv, innit

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And then BOOZE.

Always BOOZE.

Chin chin.

#WeirdWiv, innit

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