Thursday started and ended with cricket.

All days should be like this.

We may be approaching the fag end of the domestic season, but cricket is still being taught in the LOVELY SW9 school.

I managed to blag a couple of sessions with Year 7 and Year 10 students. I admit to being a little over enthusiastic with my appeals.

I calmed down in a Year 11 science lesson. Magnetism was on the agenda.

No time was wasted in me whipping out my magnetic window cleaner from the Brompton Bag to pass around.


I didn’t hang around much after school kicking out time. The Sunny Stockwell skies were looking a little down in the dumps.

I made it back to the flat ahead of the downpour.

The plan was to cycle straight from school and over to The Oval.

Instead I found myself googling ‘how to change hose on Dyson DC25.’


The CRAZY world of Rock ‘n’ Roll, etc.

It still took a bloody age to achieve this.

I did manage to make it out to The Oval a little later. Play had been abandoned for the day as I arrived.

So yeah. On the piss in the Pavilion, innit #3feathers

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No worries.

I soaked up some of the atmosphere – but not the BOOZE – in the Long Room.

I then joined the queue for the end of season Surrey Jumble Sale.

The hidden agenda here was to buy something for Anna’s approaching birthday.

Happy Birthday, luv.

Do you want a used Surrey cricket box?

Rumble in the @surreycricket jumble, innit

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Have a good one, etc.

In the end I snaffled up a Surrey Championship top for a fiver. It’s XL size and bloody drowns me.

I do LOVE A @surreycricket jumble #3feathers

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It will serve as SEXY PJ’s, if nothing else.

Oval House Theatre, innit

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I caught a bit of the OvalHouse Theatre outdoor event as I was leaving. There is a celebration of radical S Ldn over the coming days, ahead of the move from Kennington down to Brixton.

The Black Smock Band lived up to the billing of: South London’s Premier Gay Socialist Band.

I had a bit of a sing-a-long to the Diggers’ Song.

I made my excuses when the bloody poetry kicked in.

Thursday evening was then spent editing school content, and putting together a Buzz piece for the morning.

I gave the Sleaford Mods Tapas album another play, ahead of hopefully catching them at the Academy tomorrow night.

Spotify segued into Just Like Honey.

I stopped what I was doing and just… *swooned*