A cricket breakfast to start Saturday morning.

Only four weeks ago and we were watching Surrey lift the Championship at home. It seemed strange seeing J-Roy and TC carrying out the Surrey Strut on the other side of the world.

#3feathers. And PROUD etc.

My time in front of the TV made me a little late for the 9am start of Colchester Park Run. Thankfully the race that isn’t a race was a little delayed.

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#Colchester Park Run, innit

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For no particular reason I decided to attack the course.

I was BOOZE free from the night before (and the previous 70 odd nights.) My energy for the morning was the large chips and absolute BEAUT of a saveloy from the night before.

I started at the front, and finished at the front-ish.

43rd out of a field of 386. I was very happy with my official race time of 22’15” – my fastest so far of the year.

I took a little time at the end to take it all in. I looked down on Lower Castle and saw the sheer Park Run joy that takes place every weekend.

You are usually caught up in the moment; you focus on what is around you, and not the wider picture.

It was a bit of a Park Run moment for me.

Bloody hippy.

I headed down the High Street for some TLC with my Turkish barber. A family of three had the exact same idea. It takes longer than you think to have the full Turkish treatment for three young fellas.

Next up was the Bike Kitchen. I didn’t have any specific bicycle issues that needed fixing over a brew. But it’s been an age since I have caught up with Polom.

Top man.

It felt weird being back inside 15 Queen Street. This is the scene where the first few years on my return to Sunny Colch were spent.

It was such a welcoming environment, and yes, it was quite a scene.

People have moved on, the network has been broken.

But the friendships are still there, operating a little under the radar these days.

We should all feel proud of what was achieved at 15 Queen Street during an all too brief GOLDEN period.

I think I still had my Park Run hippy head on.

Firstsite was up next.

I was holding off the new exhibitions until Anna returned.

But that could be quite a while…

The Record Fair made me wish that I hadn’t abandoned vinyl all those years ago. I would love to start up once again, but where?

There is a three decade gap in my vinyl history.

Oh, Alexa just bloody play…

It’s far too easy.

Firstsite itself was as hit and miss as ever.

I rather like it this way.

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#flyingleaps at @Firstsite, innit

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My main reason for having a shifty was the Flying Leaps exhibition. This was basically a small collection of post-Brexit Britain posters.

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Thirsty work at @firstsitecolchester

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The Legacy exhibition further down the gallery space satisfied my OCD immensely. Tea cups were neatly arranged making some form of social statement.

I was more interested in the beauty of them having an order. I made a mental note to recreate the effect back in my mug cupboard.

A final exhibition involved a series of padded cells in the form of a maze. A very serious message was attempted about the role of Empire soldiers in World War One.

I didn’t hang around.

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Down by the Muddy Banks #hythe

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I cycled on to the gym. The usual Saturday luncheon Muscle Mary’s were hogging the weights.

Hey hoe.

Forty lengths in the pool were ticked off, and then the reward of a glorious spa session.

It was a GOLDEN ride back along the Trail.

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#WeirdWiv, innit

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July and August have always been my favourite months. These are Lido / Velo / Oval days.

But the BONKERS heatwaves of late have been too much for me. September and August are where the action is now. Bright sunshine and a half decent heat.

The Lido and Velo are now both open all year round πŸ™‚

Some weekend croissants, and then out went the shout of:

“To Wivenhoe Town FC!”

Oh Lordy.

The dragons were at home to [GAWD knows who]

I rocked up fashionably late and was asked if I wanted to run the line.


One of the Linos was delayed in traffic. The game had kicked off without a flag waver running up and down the left hand side of the pitch.


Protocol it seems was that every other supporter (EVERY!) had already refused.

I’m not one to let the side down.

And so I politely declined the offer as well.

Truth to be told and I don’t actually understand the offside rule.


It was a bloody brilliant game.

3-1 to the Dragons at HT, and then 4-4 after 90 minutes. It could have been a 5-4 win for either team.

I celebrated by buying a *shhh* Wivenhoe hoodie.

Football. Bloody hell, etc.

A Tramps Buffet was taken at the Coop on the ride back to base.

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And still they come #homegrown πŸ…πŸ˜Ž

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Some tomatoes were harvested from the garden.

I caught the second half of the DULL as ditchwater Huddersfield Vs Liverpool game and then bought a smock.

So there.

Alexa, play: The Auteurs vs. ΞΌ-Ziq

She only went and understood.


You can stick yer vinyl up your Jacksie.

The football pics were edited.

.@wivenhoetown_fc 4 @BurnhamRamFC 4

Plus a little more Dorset Road business back and forth to attend to.

A random, late late work shift ended Saturday.