A slight hangover to kick start Friday morning.

Blame the returning Anna from South London and the t20 cricket from the night before.

Betcha it wasn’t as bad as the teenage yoof hangovers next door, mind.

Mama cat’s away, mice will play, etc. All the way through until 2am.


I was restless by 6am and so got up and did a few online chores.

And then I cycled off for the swim.

Pancake high tide, innit

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It’s worth repeating once again: my new MTB is the BEST bicycle since… the last bicycle.


I had a confusing conversation with West Ham Wanker, not helped by the 7:30am hangover cloud.

Mr Wanker told me that the pool was closing tomorrow as the lease had ran out.

Given that the nearest pool around these estuary wilds parts is 50 or so miles away (slight exaggeration) then I was rather worried.

He meant The Bull, of course,

The Bull is a boozer.

Chin chin, fella.

A quick thirty lengths once again, and then 9am work shifts all the way through until the evening.

I received the good news mid-morning that CBC gave Colne Radio planning permission to ERRECT the mast the night before.

Talk about morning glory, etc.

An FM station self-funded by the community – it really is happening 🙂

It was a Ska heavy Friday on the playlist front.

I’ve only just discovered Phoenix City All Stars. Given that the yoof next door helped me to ‘discover’ some contemporary young folk tunes the night before, I though it only fair to blast out and share in the ska love.

I dug out all the audio for all of the old WivChat recordings late in the day. Peter Hill mentioned last night that he is keen for them to appear on the Wiv History website.

It got me thinking about adding some more. But I just haven’t got the time right now to source these, let alone edit them.

Hit and run content creation. It’s the way to go, Comrades.

Work continued all the way through until 10pm.

Plus a little t20 action.

Booze free, natch.