A return to the pool for Tuesday morning. I’ve somehow slipped out of the daily swimming routine.

Functionality, not fitness was the watch word for Tuesday morning. I only had time for thirty lengths with the 9am work shift buzzer bellowing at me.

I took it easy on the bicycle ride back to base. The scenic route of Col du Boundary Road was climbed.

Halfway up my mountain climb I heard a buzzing noise.

That sounds like a strange bus.

And then effortlessly a yoof on an electric skateboard coasted into my slipstream, gave me the nod and then sped off.

OI! That’s cheating, fella.

Work was steady.

Following the surprise TCS tracks in the Weller gig yesterday, I fired up Our Favourite Shop – *possibly* My Favourite Album.

It’s not fresh and it has dated. That Lenny Henry track became unlistenable from 1988 onwards.

But I still bloody love what the album attempts to achieve.

It fails, but celebrating failure is fine.

I had the brainwave mid-morning of buying a new camera.

I say new, I mean a new old Sony V3.

I’ve got one upstairs but it is b0rked. It was my fun camera to go around 2008.

The lens can’t compete with my work mule of the f717. But it’s a decent size for street photography. Bolt on the wide angle lens that I’ve got and it’s ACE for playing around with.

I plan to do a lot more street photography in the new year. I did a quick eBay search.

Ah – interesting.

I put in a cheeky offer.

Let’s see what comes back in the morning.

Mr Accountant mailed over the annual South Lambeth Road accounts. I wish I had paid more attention to figures and finance at school.

And then a WEIRD delivery.

Yodel dumped a box of wine outside the front door.

No door knock, no delivery note, and no order from me.

Still teetotal, innit.

On closer inspection it seems that a hotel a few miles away has the same road name and number as me.

Keep ’em coming, lads.

More work, and a few emails back and forth to SE17.

I’ve invited myself to go and see the school Choir on stage at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on Thursday.

I wasted another fifteen minutes chasing the refund from Sainsbury’s. An online voucher was offered. I refused. You can’t spend that with Tesco, right?

Work went through all the way to bedtime.

I’ve managed to avoid the Brexit bollocks all day.

Looks like this might change in the morning.