A Town Council update to start Tuesday.

Oh joy.

I never thought that I would be sitting in a Town Council chamber, and then reporting back on the budget to buy a new mini-bus.

Work was steady throughout the early morning. Some sobering work news filtered through later in the day.


I caught up with Daniel Cruz Tizon, the reluctant podcaster of SW8. I enjoyed his Battlestar Galactica metaphor for his return to a weekly podcast.

Sun on mud, innit

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The cycle along the Trail towards the gym was rather unpleasant. The muddy banks of the Colne REEKED of shit.

Poor Mr Cormorant was perched on his pole, hanging out his effluent soaked wings to dry.


I had forty lengths in an empty pool. The PA system for the aqua aerobics was being set up as I made my final splashdown.

Luncheon was taken up with a haircut.

I’ve finally managed to find a barber out in the Estuary Wilds who I can get along with well.

He happens to be right on my doorstep.

Some more work, and then late afternoon was put aside for some serious Chronic tinkering.

I’ve been pondering what to with The Chronic for the past few months. I’ve resolved that I need to keep on doing what I do.

Which is bashing out blog posts, whenever time and tide allows.

The site was in need of a facelift though. I tinkered around with a school theme that I still have some licences for.

It got a little messy with Twitter API keys.

Plus I had forgotten how fiddly some WP plugins can be when they take down your entire site.

I’ve even gone as far as submitting The Chronic for consideration for Google News.


This is the first stage of a more grander plan for The Chronic.

We’ll see…

Some FaceTime catch up took place with Anna in the evening.

The economy, Brexit and missing South Lambeth Road recycle bins were on the agenda.


My girls

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