Another crisis simulation to start off Wednesday morning.

Most of my mornings seem to start with a crisis simulation of some sort – but this was a paid gig.

We had a client who was being tested in a mock online social environment. I gave as good as I got.

I had a morning window in which to escape for the swim.

Stormy clouds ahead. YEAH

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In High Tide News: the muddy banks of the Colne were a little lacklustre.

I managed to clear the fast lane of the two old girls who had decided to go for a leisurely walk in the water, rather than a swim.

Back in the changing room and West Ham Wanker was holding court.

I became involved in a bizarre conversation where he asked if he could borrow my underpants.

In the very next sentence he started to bang on about immigration.

My Y-fronts won’t be soiled by UKIP, Mr Wanker.

A mad cycle back to base, and then an afternoon of work shifts.

The estuary wilds weather took a turn, and so did the mad cat – pretty much hibernating all afternoon as though it was mid-winter.

Having been trusted with Raspberry Watch whilst Anna is partying in South London, I managed to allow the canes to lilt at an angle of 90 degrees.

At least it makes picking them a little easier.

More work, and then the ODI back at The Oval.

Even with an AWOL South London sun, the old ground still looked tremendous.

Destination Sunny Stockwell for me in the morning.