Another sighting of the white Moulton F Frame along South Lambeth Road on Friday morning. I was riding my Raleigh 20 in the opposite direction.

Mr Moulton gave me a knowing nod. There’s solidarity in South London mini-wheelers, Comrade.

#Stockwell Avenue, innit

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I cycled on through Brixton. New artwork appears to be surfacing by the week. I rather like it.

Another BEAUT of a Brockwell morning

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And then the lovely lido.


Here we are again #lidolove

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It’s been three weeks since I have purified myself in the tepid waters of Lake Brockwell. I have obsessively followed the ups and downs of the water temperature every day.

We appeared to be on a slight downwards trajectory on Friday morning – 8.3 degrees.

I slid into the water [ha!] and put in an impressive eight lengths.

The light show was provided by the rising South London sun. We aren’t quite at the dancing fairies on the basin of the pool season; we’re not far off, mind.

Some fun and games in the gents, and then a bicycle ride back through Brixton, Camberwell and a school day in SE17.

The bicycle spotting continued. Some dude was rolling down the Walworth Road on a pure track bike – fixed wheel, no brakes and a track frame.

Um, chapeau, fella.

I had a full on school day. The new playground space was open. It was ACE.

I wish that I was a primary school kid once again.

Chucking out time came, and I cycled back to Sunny Stockwell. It was another gorgeous SW8 sunset.

And then early evening, out went the shout of:

“To Critical Mass!”

#CriticalMass Ldn. Chapeau! Still we ride

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I cycled on to the Waterloo arches, and met up with hundreds of other cyclists. They had all randomly gathered for a Friday night roll out around town.

#CriticalMass. Still we ride. But not much. Chapeau!

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It was a North London-centric ride. I lost my bearings as soon as we crossed at Waterloo.

The Mass came to a standstill for a drink and a smoke at Grosvenor Square. I took this as my signal to head back down South.

Pretty whacked.