Another unusual shift rotation pattern on Thursday left no time for a swim or gym trip. Instead I managed to squeeze in a mid-morning run once again.

I’ve never approached the Wivenhoe Waddle route with any sense of urgency. I just… waddle around it.

A half-decent Strava time yesterday opened up the unwelcome front door of competitiveness.

I clocked 40’26” on Wednesday. Anything between 45 and 48 minutes was a pre-competitive norm.

I know – I can bring home a sub 40 minute time I thought to myself this morning.

And so I did.

39’26” to be precise.

Oh dear

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It set me up for the run of work shifts. These were equally fast paced.

@RobertElms had a decent piece on A Moving Image which opens at The Ritzy this weekend. It’s a shame that there is currently a local boycott taking place over the non-Living Wage Ritzy.

Which is perhaps just as well. Films about Brixton have always been bobbins.

SW9 was shit.

Paris, Brixton was WEIRD.

Meanwhile, The Postman Delivers: Lavenders.

And bloody lots of them.


We blagged a cheapo deal via Money Saving Expert a few weeks ago.

And then forgot all about it…

Cheapo lavenders are the BEST, Comrades. The South Lambeth Road lavender garden was a Made in Lidl project.


Bob Elms then went into Cover to Cover: Dream a Little Dream, Dorris Vs Mamas and Papas.

Dorris swings, so to speak. So much so that she emerged as the winner.

#DontDissDorris, etc.

Thursday afternoon was taken up with the work social crisis simulation.

I LOVE these sessions. I get my hands dirty as the gamekeeper is turned the poacher. The feedback we receive from the delegates is always positive as well.

I was reminded during the webinar yesterday that Thursday would be Bring Your Thingie to Work Day.

Bring Your Thingie to Work Day @socialelementagency #distributedworkforce

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#distributedworkforce, etc.

A mail dropped late in the afternoon about a domain that will expire overnight. I’ve had these mails on and off for the past month.

I’ve reminded the client at every opportunity. They appear to have given up on the modern interweb.

It’s not a SEXY domain, mind.

But still.

And then…

The Postman Delivers a Little Later: retro bicycling tights.

The Postman Delivers: tights. Cycling tights. Chapeau!

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If they don’t have the rainbow tags, then I ‘aint wearing them, Comrades.

My final work task was to finish off the SE21 school content from the start of the week. LOVE that school, but it’s bloody big. The workflow is ever increasing…

I settled down to watch the first Royal London One Day match on Sky.

The Lord’s final seems like a long, long time in the future.

Anna returned from South London with splendid tales of new bathrooms.

It’s a different world down the other end of the line.


We switched between the cricket, the Manchester derby and the darts.

BOOZE was the lubricant that facilitated this.