Day 1 of Operation Install New Boiler.

Only another nine to go.

Oh dear.

My OCD has been ripped to shreds all day. I have had to hibernate in my office and dare not to leave.

I don’t handle disruption very well.

Neither do Daisy and Dotty.

I don’t think it’s an OCD issue with the cats, but they stayed up in the attic bedroom all day.

Maybe they were just being lazy arses?

I worked in silence.

I say silence – Radio 2 was playing downstairs with Team Boiler Blokes.

It’s all cool – they very politely asked first if it was OK.

It wasn’t so much the volume, but more the absolute bollocks of Radio 2.

Christ. It’s shit.

Work shifts came and went throughout the day.

I had a little phoning around to do chasing some Dorset Road business.

I blagged another year of BT TV on the cheap.

My MacBook Air threw a wobbler late afternoon with a lack of disc space.


A quick run through of Clean My Mac and I managed to free up another 5 gigs.

That October launch of the new MacBook Air can’t come soon enough.

My final Forest top sold for a decent price in the Great eBay Sell Off Part II. In total I’ve trousered a four figure sum from my online wardrobe clear out.

Work went all the way through until bedtime.

We’ve got a couple of busy days coming up with two more social simulations.

I get OCD about these as well.