A couple of kittens sitting on my lap at 6am on Monday morning.


The mad cat didn’t manage this in over five years, bless.

The mad cat had… issues.


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This is the first time that Anna and I have had more than one cat. We’re learning on the job when it comes to basic food in, food out routines.

The one bowl of food wasn’t working. The kittens copy each other. One started to eat, and then the other wanted a part of the action, pushing the other out of the way.

I put out two bowls first thing. They both then started to eat out of the second bowl.



All of this food intake meant that we reached peak litter tray after only a couple of days. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it, etc.

I had a little early morning work, and then cycled along the Trail for the swim.

Pancake tide, innit

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It was another pancake tide – neither here nor there, not quite deciding what it should be doing.

I made the mistake of still thinking that it was a lycra shorts morning. The TIGHTS are making an appearance tomorrow morning.

The bicycle ride and the swim both felt strong. I still don’t get the science of how a 130km ride the day before can increase your energy levels.

Monday morning work was then spent in the company of community radio station The Eye in Melton Mowbray.

An old Trent colleague tipped me off about a ranting bloke who plays old school punk all morning, in-between shouting into the mic.

It’t not exactly mid-morning matters, but I would LOVE a transfer request to Colne Radio.

Punk’s Not Dead, etc.

Not in Melton Mowbray, anyway.

I finally filled in the pet insurance claim for the mad cat. I’ve been deliberately putting this off to be honest.

Cause of death: heart disease.


I downloaded the new Bragg album over luncheon. His output appears to have increased over recent years, with little fall out in the quality department.

I’m not really a fan of Americana, but it might just suit me when the mood takes it.

And then a rare afternoon of no work shifts. I made the most of the free time and walked downstream along the estuary, and over to Alresford Creek.


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I had in my mind a photoshoot at the derelict St Peter’s in Alresford. It’s been a while since I was last over there. I always seem to find something new to ponder with each visit.

Dearly beloved. We have gathered here today to get through this thing called… life #Alresford

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Despite the late September bright sunshine, I was still slightly on edge as I explored the remains of the church. No amount of reward would see me return to this place at dusk.

The plan was then to walk back along the river. But I fancied the round route and continued through to Alresford.

Either, or

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I passed the kittery where we picked up Daisy and Dotty [up for debate…] on Saturday. I seriously considered returning for the third sister.

We are running out of litter trays to be honest 🙁

I spent early evening editing school content from the back end of last week. I still need to find ways in which to streamline this.

And then some more work shifts, a little bit of the Burnley game and then bed.

Knick knackered.

Estuary wilds Crossrail, innit

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