Trapped by two kittens in bed early on Sunday morning.

That was my excuse for the lie in.

I allowed Daisy and Dotty to have some duvet warmth, but then kicked them out just in time for the start of another cricket breakfast.


I cycled off for the swim mid-morning.

It was a transformation from seven days ago: no estuary wilds rain, and no bloody puncture, either.

Blues skies, low water innit

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The Trail has also changed whilst I have been in South London. The mud has disappeared. It looked almost spring like.

I pressed on with 40 lengths in the indoor pool.

That felt good.

I do LOVE the lovely lido, but you don’t really get a physical work out this time in the season.

Sunday afternoon was a mixture of work shifts and the Chelsea match.

I actually preferred the former.

I put in a lengthy session editing and publishing school content. This seems to take longer with each visit.

Anna tried to get my interest with a conversation about new internal doors for the flat.

She failed.

I finally caught up with Bowie: the Last Five Years.

Sad, sad face 🙁