An unexpected invite for a new work project dropped early on Tuesday morning.

Thank you very much. I wasn’t expecting that.

Also dropping was the Lambeth Tories alternative Budget.

A Buzz piece followed.

Lambeth Tories pledge to halt estate regeneration, save libraries and protect parks in alternative Budget

It’s a rum state of affairs when you look towards the blue rinse lot for some resistance.

I looked at my notes from the WTC meeting the night before.


Have I really got to type these up?

Heads down…

A little more work.

Some Gilles Peterson as the soundtrack.

Hugh Masekela’s What is Wrong with Groovin’ sounded particularly ACE.

The escape to the gym couldn’t be made until mid-afternoon. My body clock was all over the place.

The weights were routine. The swim was smooth.

I settled in a very busy spa. Some unusually warm water passed over me.


This was my signal to leave.

An early evening of work shifts.

The Chelsea Vs Barcelona match held my attention a little more than I expected.