Sunday was all about the CTC Club Run.

And that’s about yer lot.


Oh dear

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It also happened to be the anniversary ride of the Colchester CTC.

I speculated with Anna the night before about how many years the club has been rolling out each Sunday morning around NE Essex.

She volunteered the answer of 70 years.

Close – but no cigar.

This was the sixth anniversary of the club.


I was a little surprised as well.

We rolled out of Leisure World after 9am. I knew the two feeding station: Abberton, and Earls Colne.

The rest was joining up the dots.

It was a decent ride taking in some very quiet lanes. The bushes and trees were heavy with deep summer growth. Some wild cherries were offered up as elevenses.

CTC pit stop, innit

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Luncheon was taken at a golf club.

Oh dear.

Oh dear

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I politely excused myself and ate the home made sarnies out in the car park.

I then almost dozed off with another 30km or so back to base.

The forecast was for light rain mid-afternoon. I wanted to be back before any of this beastliness.

A bit of a breakaway formed with one of the younger CTC saps.

The younger CTC sap was around 55…

I made it home, tired, dirty but smiling.

I showered, and then had an odd work shift commitment to fulfil.

Anna returned from silly golf. We watched a bit of Glasto, and then caught up with the England t20.

Very, very tired, Comrades.


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